About Me and Every K9 Active

I’m Jemma Jean Johnstone – animal enthusiast and Founder of EK9A!

Boarding Licence Number: LN/202100574

At Every K9 Active, myself and staff are dedicated to your pets like our own. We have a passion for animal care and strive to be the best out there! And a part of that is really getting to know our clients – we love to know as much as possible to tailor our care to suit your pets…

– Over-exuberance? No problem – lets action pack our walks and match suitable playmates.

– Elderly or in pain? No worries – lets slow the pace down and enjoy a gentle stroll, maybe with less dogs, all whilst keeping an eye on stress/pain signals and mobility. Contact me any time for updates on how they are doing.

– I’m also happy to communicate with your trainers to ensure training standards are maintained.

My way of thinking in training is that if you set a dog up for success, then reward the behaviour, you can slowly build up a good association with the command (e.g. “Come” or “Here”) with positivity (normally a toy or treats) and get a more responsive dog (e.g. with recall and other cues). This is how I work with all clients dogs, especially if they could do with a bit of a refresher on a few things.

Having owned and cared for reactive dogs, I’ve gone on and continue to go on courses to further my understanding and better my handling skills. Because of this, I’m happy to trial my skills with the ‘harder to handle’ dogs. I will also demonstrate I can handle them before care begins if the clients wish. I understand how much trust is involved in my services and so clients (potential or current) are welcome to visit myself and the family or join me on a walk to see me walking them first hand – I want to ensure your comfort as well as theirs during the service, so just ask.

Dogs generally learn via what works for them and gains them what they want, so for example, if a dog barks a lot, they’ve learnt that barking works for them in some way, shape or form. It’s always the best feeling when your understand their reasons for doing things, then even better when you find a way of rewiring that to a way that makes you both happy. That’s one of the many reasons why I can’t wait to learn more about dog training, behaviour and psychology.

I love my job and can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Services

2-2-1 Dog walking

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Short Dog Walks/Visits

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Group Dog Walks

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1-2-1 Dog walking

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Home Dog Sitting

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Let's Get to Know Each other
Building relationships with dog owners is really important as it allows us to tailor our care to suit your pets.
Every K9 Active arrive
We take care of your dog when you are unable to, with walks, play, love & fuss. There are no training requirements - Every K9 is welcome.
Happy dog, happy dog owner
We work with you to achieve every aspect of health and happiness for your dog.
Why choose Every K9 Active
Fully Qualified Expert InCanine Psychology & Communication
Jemma holds a Canine Psychology diploma and K9 First Aid certification. She also holds a Level 3 Daycare and Boarding qualification and has served 3 years as a Pet Care Provider. Jemma regularly attends seminars that relate to Dog aggression and rehabilitation, impulse control and body language. This experience enables her to provide expert care for even the toughest of dogs.
We hold DBS certificates and appropriate insurance and believe in transparency and good communication with our clients. You can get regular updates on your dog during our care. We take plenty of photo's showing the fun we have on our walks to reassure our clients. We are also trusted key holders and can store keys safely locked away.
Our Promise
We have a passion for animal care, behaviour and the environment. We have moved onto sustainable compostable packaging and made sustainable insect protein treats more available and known about. We also aim to use more produce made in the UK and support conscious and green companies. Our services are inclusive of dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and quirky behaviours.


Oscar always has a lovely walk with her and I feel very confident and happy leaving him with Jemma...
William Mayo
Jemma is brilliant! Very knowledgeable about dogs and clearly loves them with a passion.
Louie-Mae Gibson
Jemma has not only shown the love and care we hoped for but also a deep level of understanding of dog behaviour.....
Sophie Hill
I have finally found someone who gets him and he enjoys every moment of his 1-2-1 dog walks!
Emily Wildash